Thanks for the great hospitality which made the trip even more enjoyable…Once again many thanks you were all an inspiration.
Surinder Singh Nangla, Jatinder Singh Udiahan and Malkit Singh, London

The organisation was great – we were given excellent preparation instructions (and pre challenge training!) On the day itself, we were very well looked after.
Mandeep Singh and Sangeet Kaur, Bradford

Very well organised, timing was great and sevadars showed loads of piaar. Keep up the good work, maharaj kirpa you all excel further forward and do more seva. I would really love to do some seva.
Jaspreet Kaur, London

What better way to do something for charity? A personal challenge and also for a good cause, what more could you want? It was the first time I have done something like this and the sense of achievement at the end is a great feeling. For those that have wanted to do something like this but too lazy, do it next year, you will not regret it.

Fantastic! Well organised and good support, the paronthe were a nice touch. I’m sure I ate more carbs than I spent on the trek!
Gurpal Singh Poonia, Leeds

I met some lovely people whom I will definately be staying in contact with, shared many laughs and the support for one another was endless. Sevadars were waiting at each checkpoint whom topped us up with chocolate, drinks, crisps, very tasty parontha’s and plenty of motivation.
Bulbinder Kaur, Leicester

My most memorable moments were I suppose none because for me the whole experience was memorable, meeting the sangat, sharing views/opinions, talking to different people and gaining knowledge.

The organisation was very good and can only improve. A great job was done by all, from arranging transport to communication to and from hikers/walkers/organiser’s etc.
Harjeet Singh, Derby

You did a beautiful job to bring so many people to enjoy the nature. My memorable moment was at Inglebough summit…cloud coming from below like dream…
Harminder Singh Rauni, Bradford

The most memorable moment was at the top of the third peak, when you know you almost finished. Also, at the top, it was very remote because of fog surrounding you. Due to that, to me it was a very tranquil and meditative place. It seemed like you were sitting in the heaven.
Kulwinder Singh, Bradford

Organisation on the day was very good, departure from the Gurdwara was punctual and as we arrived at our starting grounds drinks and snacks were provided. Registration didn’t take long and I especially enjoyed the checkpoints after each peak, not only was there enough food to refuel but a chance to sit down and rest the legs.
Arjan Singh, Liverpool

I think it will be fun to do the Challenge every year as a way of measuring my physical decline ?? I may seek some sponsorship next time.
Ben Elahee, Bradford

Thank you for organising yesterdays challenge! The rain and hail made it a serious challenge.
Sarbjit Singh, Bradford


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