Jaspreet Kaur

Jaspreet Kaur, London 

1. Why did you decide to take part in the Vaisakhi Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge?

I have heard of Khalsa aid for several years and always admired the seva they do. I had a facebook invite for the event and felt it was worthwhile to take time out to participate.

2. How did you find the organisation of the Vaisakhi Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge?

Very well organised, timing was great and sevadars showed loads of piaar.

3. What were your most memorable moments of the Challenge?

Memorable parts were reaching the two peaks and meeting and talking with sangat.

4. Would you do it again?

I would love to participate in it again.

5. Would you recommend it to your friends and relatives?

I do recommend it to people.

6. Have you got any message for Khalsa Aid?

Keep up the good work, maharaj kirpa you all excel further forward and do more seva. I would really love to do some seva.

7. Any other suggestions/criticisms/improvements?

I suggest you organise similar events regularly, be it charity walks, kirtans, bike rides etc. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.


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