Arjan Singh

Arjan Singh, Bradford

1. Why did you decide to take part in the Vaisakhi Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge?

Regarding the challenge itself, I had heard about it before through friends and family, but I never actually thought of doing it. However I was pleased to hear that the local sewadaars had an organised event to partake in the challenge whilst raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society, this was the perfect opportunity to not only attempt the peaks challenge but also to go as a team. I learn’t that it wasn’t only a physical challenge to conquer the peaks but a mental one too, personally however, it felt like the rewards were more than self satisfying. It was fantastic to see even the elderly taking part in the challenge, I remember on the first peak a senior man paced it past us, it just proves to show that the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge is for all ages, and not just for the young.

2. How did you find the organisation of the Vaisakhi Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge?

Organisation on the day was very good, departure from the Gurdwara was punctual and as we arrived at our starting grounds drinks and snacks were provided. Registration didn’t take long and I especially enjoyed the checkpoints after each peak, not only was there enough food to refuel but a chance to sit down and rest the legs.

3. What were your most memorable moments of the Challenge?

I think the most memorable moment was witnessing the beautiful sceanery especially at the the top of peak two, and the spectacular views stretching across Ingleborough. Also just like to mention the fantastic effort of bhaji Kulwinder Singh who managed to do all 3 peaks. Me and a fellow Singh tried to keep up with him but no matter how hard we tried, Kulwinder Singh and his orange Nishan Sahib were always miles infront.

4. Would you do it again?

Yes it was fantastic experience, hopefully I will be joining you guys next year, hope to do all three peaks next time.

5. Would you recommend it to your friends and relatives?

Definitely. More the better.

6. Have you got any message for Alzheimer’s Society?

Keep up the good work.

7. Any other suggestions/criticisms/improvements?


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