Bulbinder Kaur

Bulbinder Kaur, Leicester

1. Why did you decide to take part in the Vaisakhi Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge?

I have recently been inspired by some very admirable people and their charity work. As Seva (selfless service) is one of the main tenets of Sikhism, I too want to help others and make a difference to people’s lives. I conquered Mount Snowdon for charity 2 weeks prior to this, which was very rewarding indeed. I was then made aware of the Vaisakhi Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge. To help raise further money in order to fund the relief assistance to victims of disasters, wars, and other tragic events around the world, I decided to take on this challenge too.

2. How did you find the organisation of the Vaisakhi Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge?

I contacted the organiser(s) via phone. They were very helpful indeed. The registration process was made very simple. I was kept updated via email about training, a map of the challenge, itinerary, transport and a kit list of equipment and clothing (both essentials and optionals) was also provided. Contacting them for further information was very easy. Free transport was also provided to and from the location. Well done to the organiser(s), ‘A*’.

3. What were your most memorable moments of the Challenge?

Although I entered the challenge on my own on the day; being alone is far from it when your with the Sangat. I met some lovely people whom I will definately be staying in contact with, shared many laughs and the support  for one another was endless. Sevadars were waiting at each checkpoint whom topped us up with chocolate, drinks, crisps, very tasty parontha’s and plenty of motivation.

4. Would you do it again?

Yes, definately!! This is an extremely rewarding experience; I met some very commendable people, saw some gorgeous views, bettered my health but most importantly made a difference to many unfortunate people across the world.

5. Would you recommend it to your friends and relatives?

I already have! But I would stress to be bring relevant attire such as comfortable walking boots with ankle support, water proof jacket, a walking stick (which I didn’t but I’m sure it would have made it easier), as well as plenty of energy rich food and drink (chocolate, nuts, Lucozade tablets, water etc).

6. Have you got any message for Khalsa Aid?

Please keep up this valuable Seva (selfless service); you guys are an inspiration to us all. With Vaheguru’s ji’s kirpa, I will join the team of volunteers very soon.

7. Any other suggestions/criticisms/improvements?

Nope. I felt the day went very smoothly. We left the Gurdwara Sahib as planned and commenced the challenge on time. Sevadars were waiting at the bottom of every peak with food, drink and plenty of motivation. The weather was perfect; not too hot, nor cold and with a lovely breeze. Although I didn’t need to refer to them, as I was with company that knew which way to head, directions were also provided by the organiser(s).


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